Thursday, October 26, 2006

5 things you don't know about me

Katie Schwartz tagged me for this one, so blame her. This is a sex blog and I'm sticking with that theme:

  1. I can count my life list of sex partners on one hand. (I use the other hand to jerk off.) The prostitutes don't count.
  2. I got my first blow job ever from a prostitute at the Moonlight Ranch (before it was the swank Moonlight Bunny Ranch on HBO) in Carson City, Nevada when I was 36.
  3. I am over 50 and never did any creative writing until one night this past August when I was really horny and wrote my first sex story. I started a sex blog the next day after writing another story.
  4. I have spent more money at strip clubs and massage parlors than I did on my college education. I think I learned more at the strip clubs and massage parlors.
  5. I have dreamt of being a sex industry entrepreneur. I don't think my wife would like that.

I would tag some of you, but not every sex blogger wants to reveal things they haven't yet chosen to. If you're inspired to do this, put it on your blog or in a comment.


katie schwartz said...

omg. al... you are the funniest mother fucker I know. I am so glad that you are a sex writer now! you spin one hell of a fuck yarn.

tell me right now, what was the bunny ranch like??? who blew you? I love that show! love the ranch.

love, love, love that you spent more at stripclubs than on your college education.

you fucking rule the world, sensu!

Al Sensu said...

Back then, the Moonlight was anything but glamorous. A couple of trailers hooked together. Not a very sexy experience either, nor was the girl orally talented. But a blow job it was and that was good enough for me at that time.

Ms Smack said...

Fantastic list of 5, Al. Loved them!

I didnt keep to the theme of sex on my blog, so i'll do it here, if thats ok.

1. My first blowjob was a german guy when I was about 19. I was at the Munich Festhaus and partying hard. He was the drummer from the band and called me 'katerina', in a sexy accent. I would have laid him too, but I was a virgin and had my menses.

2. I honestly love giving head. I prefer a larger cock so as I have more to work with, but I genuinely enjoy it. If a man plays with my cunt while I'm blowing him, i'm likely to come while I suck him. Just because I love it, doesnt mean i'll let you come on my face, or down my throat. Dont rush me.

3. My best outdoor sex activity was at the Grampians under the waterfall. Hot damn, that was smokin'.

4. My neck is my most sensitive physical piece of me. It gives me shivers and goosebumps if a guy touches me there.

5. I was once ALMOST a participant in a 3some with a married couple. They both are great people, but i'm really really straight, and said no, at the last minute.

Al Sensu said...

Thank you Ms. Smack. Very nice, hot stuff.

You can be in a 3some and be straight, it's just not a total round robin. See


Tara Tainton said...

Oooh, fascinating tidbits! Has me thinking about my own beginnings and past experiences... I think I need to visit that Bunny Ranch since it's just outside the city where I live... ;)


Al Sensu said...

Tara - once you've cogitated, let's read some things we didn't know about you, although you are quite the open book.

Anonymous said...
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greenlacewing said...

Revealing facts! Maybe I'll post my own.

Al Sensu said...

I hope you will!

Tara Tainton said...

I finally posted my five things at your suggestion! Here


Al Sensu said...

Nice stuff, Tara!

Al Sensu said...

Greenlacewing did post hers here.