Friday, November 21, 2008

Advice: HIV & Oral Stuff

i m concerned about if i kiss some guy whom i dont' know much about and if he is infected with HIV. then how many chances are there that i get infect either its HIV or any other STDs. 2ndly if i just do oral with him e.g i give him bj and he eats me a well then can i get HIV or any other serious disease from him.

The risk of contracting HIV from kissing is extremely low, as long as neither of you has any sores and there is no blood exchanged. The risk from you performing oral sex on him is higher, although also slight, but it is strongly suggested you make him wear a condom. Don't believe guys when they say it's no fun with a condom on. Of course everyone prefers to go bareback, but there is plenty of good sensation, not to mention the visual of his dick in your mouth. As well, the risk of contracting it from him performing oral on you is quite slim.

But let's be clear: there is no such thing as safe sex, especially with someone you don't know well and when you both have not been tested. I have tried cunnilingus through a dental dam and have to say it was darn near impossible. Fellatio is just so much more straightforward -- our thing is stick shaped and you lick and suck it. There's no subtlety to what you're going for, although technique certainly does matter.But put a piece of plastic between my tongue and a woman's complex goings on and I just could not find my way to the target.

You know, manual stimulation is fun for everyone. Try it sometime.

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