Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I'm a Peeping Tom

OK, I'm not looking into the girls' changing room like I got caught doing in summer camp at age 10. But what is a man doing on a blog tour for Fast Girls: Erotica for Women? It feels somewhat voyeuristic.

My qualifications? I've always had a sensitive side. I like to have my nipples sucked. More women than men are fans of my erotic stories. Oh hell, who needs to be qualified? I just wanted to read some hot stuff by and for women. Is that so wrong?

Rachel Kramer Bussel brings us another great compilation of short erotic fiction. These run the gamut from romantic to raw.

The first employs a standard fantasy: The housewife and the young gardener/pool guy/contractor. But when guys think about that one, it's all about them. In Temptation, Kayla Perrin has her young Miguel tell the woman, "Come in my mouth." That's a role reversal that even has me squirming happily.

In Five-Minute Porn Star, Jacqueline Applebee's couple rekindle their dormant love life by enacting another standard fantasy, the handyman and the housewife, with a pleasantly funny and happy ending.

Music and erotica form the focus of Waiting for Beethoven by Susie Hara, where the story within the story becomes...the story. And it is steaming hot.

One theme that runs though several stories is the older woman and younger man. In Let's Dance by D.L. King, she has a lot of fun playing nice games with the "cute boy." He's a good learner too.

A Lesbian bar in Provincetown is the starting point for Tristan Taormino's wrenching and lovely Winter Summer.

And now for my favorite passage. It's the opener for Married Life by Charlotte Stein:

I'm so horny I could fuck anything. That guy with the weird hair and the nervous hands - I could fuck him. I could fuck his peach-haired girlfriend, too. And is that his mother with them? Throw her in while you're at it.
From standard fantasies well explored to totally original and surprising plots, the twenty stories in Fast Girls were a pleasure - and I mean pleasure - to read.


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