Saturday, October 14, 2006

my top 5

In an earlier post, I said one of the reasons I buy Cosmopolitan on business trips is I enjoy reading what men really want in bed. I was being a bit facetious. For those not familiar, every issue of Cosmo has an article on this subject and most of them are rehashes of previous articles. This month's is "14 Sex Moves You've Never Heard Of," said title being true only if you've never read Cosmo before!

Anyhow, Ms Smack commented, "Perhaps you could write your 'top 5' requisites of what YOU Want." Hmmm. Well, OK.

  1. Suck my nipples. Suck them a lot. Keep going. My main reason for having a threesome fantasy is so I can get them both sucked at the same time (oh, yeah, and then there are the four free hands).
  2. Suck my cock. Suck it a lot. Take your time; I'm in no hurry for this to end.
  3. Kiss me. A lot. Let's come back to that in between other stuff.
  4. Play with my "taint" and around my ass, but I'm not into anal play per se... just get close and I will get close.
  5. Squeeze my balls when you can tell I'm ready to cum and I will have an explosive orgasm.

I could keep going, but she said "5" so that's it. I have one more thing to add: Doing things that please you turns me on, so as much as I appreciate a hand job or blow job when you're not in the mood, what I really like best is doing unto you as you do unto me.

Maybe some of you readers and bloggers would like to contribute your top 5.


Ms Smack said...

wow, great Top 5. I realise its hard to limit such a pleasurable topic to 5 feel free to add more as you think of them!

I'll see what I can in coming up with my top 5.


Al Sensu said...

See Ms Smack's list at

And as she invited her readers, so do I you to post your top 5 here as a comment -- go anonymous if you're more comfortable that way.

Anonymous said...

"Doing things that please you turns me on".

Totally agree with that sentiment. Seeing a girl getting turned on by what I'm doing to her is (one of) the best parts of making love.