Sunday, September 24, 2006

semen is wasted on the young

Now, long past the point at which procreation is an issue, all I get is a dribble.

Had no warning it would be like this. Even porn cum shots, if the guy is 50 or older, aren't that interesting.

Sometimes I'll skip a couple of days, just in the hope of getting a good squirt.

Difficult to express why this matters, but I think it is part of the male hard-wiring to create something from nothing. So now the bathroom mirror, wall and ceiling are completely safe.


katie schwartz said...

awwww, sensukins, there is no doubt that you still blow your lover away with delicious cum spackle :)

SeaRabbit said...

He have that fantasy about shooting a huge load in my face... Is it something related to power? Maybe reproductive power?

Al Sensu said...

Probably. I'm not sure if we understand why we want to do that, but we do, at least in fantasy.

Spice said...

Better let The Man know!! Thanks for the heads up! ;)