Friday, March 18, 2011

how zep got me my first feel of tit

During my senior year of high school, I had a steady girlfriend who was a year behind me. She was gorgeous, with long black hair and a great figure. But when the school year ended, she gave me back my class ring and said she didn't want to go steady for the summer. I was crushed. We didn't see each other all summer, but stayed in touch. Back in the day, that meant by phone.

I lacked the confidence to approach girls at the beach or wherever, so there was no romantic action all summer. But nonetheless I had a good time, working as a messenger during the week, taking the bus to the beach on the weekend, hanging out with friends and smoking dope at night, listening to Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin and Moby Grape alone in my room with headphones on.

During our year together, girlfriend and I had some nice makeout sessions, but anytime I tried to touch her breasts (and I definitely didn’t try touching certain other places), she gently pushed my hand away. I was so horny, I did anything I could to have (clothed) contact between my dick and her body. At seventeen, I was amazingly uninformed about sex; I just knew I had urges. I wasn’t even smart enough to figure out about masturbating, so consider how desperate I must have been! I actually orgasmed a couple of times during these sessions. I don’t remember the sensation, but just being aware that I had ejaculated and needed to do something about the sticky wetness in my pants.

In September of 1970, still seventeen, I started my freshman year of college. Now that I was a college man, my girlfriend was interested again. I was wary.

But Led Zeppelin was coming to town, so I bought tickets and on September 19, girlfriend and I went to Madison Square Garden. She wasn’t really a hard rock fan, but I think she found live Zep as mesmerizing as I did. As they launched into tunes from their second album such as Moby Dick and Whole Lotta Love, we launched into a serious makeout session.

I began caressing her breasts and she didn’t push my hand away. Was she really into it? Had her hormones kicked in? Or did she just think that she needed to “give” more now that I was in college? I’ll never know.

I slid my hand under her blouse and continued rubbing her tits over her bra. Eventually we returned our full attention to the music. It was a fantastic concert and included tunes from the third album, which was released the following month.

That was our last date. In November, I met a twenty-year-old college junior at a school event and all of a sudden, my sixteen-year-old girlfriend seemed very young. Before the year was out, I had made serious progress in my sexual education.