Saturday, May 26, 2007

got MILF?

I don't remember lusting after any of my friends' mothers. I think as people stay younger looking longer, it's likely there are more "hot moms" out there than when I grew up. One of my kid's friend's mothers is younger than us, probably 38, but she looks 28 and is smokin'. I've managed to hold back and not make comments to the friend.

Hysterical headline for this Q&A in Slate's Dear Prudence.

Read it then watch this:

Friday, May 25, 2007

another porn star for jesus

Yes, Shelley Lubben has been transformed. She was Roxy, but no longer...

She has God to thank for saving her...

Yes, God heard her cry and rescued her...

But for some reason, he didn't hear these people or save them:

Alex DeRenzy - Died 6/8/2001 of complications resulting from stroke and diabetic attacks.
Alex Jordan - Born 9/20/67; Died 7/2/95 of self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging at age 27.

Amber Sexton - On July 26, 2002 Amber Sexton passed away from unknown causes.

Angelique Pettijohn - Born 2/52; Died 2/28/92 of cancer at age 40.
Anna Malle - Died on 01/25/2006 in an auto accident.
Anthony Spinelli - Died on 5/30/00 from complications due to pneumonia.

Arcadia - Died in 1990 of drug overdose.
Bambi Woods - Died in 1986 of drug overdose.

Bob Vosse - In 1999 Director Bob Vosse suffered from a fatal heart attack. He was 72.

Bobby Astyr - On April 1, 2002 Bobby Astyr passed away from lung cancer.

Bobby Hollander - On Thursday, March 7, 2002 Bobby Hollander passed a way at the Veterans Affairs hospital from a brain malignancy.

Britney Madison - Killed in an auto accident on 05/02/2005 at age 21.

Bruce Seven - Died on 1/15/2000 from complications of stroke and emphysema.

Cal Jammer - Died 01/25/95 of self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 34.
Celia Young - In 1992 Celia Young committed suicide using an undisclosed method.

Chance Ryder - Died in November 1999. He lapsed into a coma and died a few days later.

Chanel Price - On December 20, 1992 Porn Star Chanel Price died of a drug overdose.

Charli Waters - Died 1989. Hacked to death by a homicidal john.

Chloe Jones - Died June 4, 2005. Passed away unexpectedly.

Clive McLean - On Tuesday, March 29, 2005 Photographer and Director Clive McLean passed away after a battle with cancer.

Eva Lux - Died on September 20, 2005 from Heroin Overdose.

Fabio Scorpion - On November 24, 2004, Fabio Scorpion suffered a fatal heart attack during calf implant surgery.
Holly Landers - Killed in auto accident on January 1, 2003.
J.D. Ram - On September 30, 1998 J.D. Ram passed away from a Heroin overdose.
Jack Baker - On November 13, 1994 vetern star Jack Baker passed away from Cancer.

Jill Munroe - In August of 1982 Jill Munroe died of a Heroin overdose.

Jim Holliday - Died 12-16-04 of complications resulting from Type II Diabetes.

Joey Karson - Died 02/26/98 of heart complications at age 38.

John Holmes - Born 08/08/44; Died 03/88 of complications resulting from AIDS.

Julie Robbins - Died of severe burns after an automobile accident September 22, 2005 at the age of 26.

Jon Dough - On August 27, 2006 committed suicide.
Karen Dior - Died AIDS complications (cirrhosis of the liver) 08/25/2004.
Karen Lancaume - Died of a drug overdose 1/28/2005.

Kevin James - Died of Testicular Cancer in 1987.

Kim Kitaine - Died 04/01/99 in a freak drowning accident ncaused by a seizure.

Kristine Heller - Died from a suicide unknown method 1989.

Krysti Lynn - Born 1/10/71; Died 12/3/95 in an auto accident at age 24.

Lea DeMae - Born 12/26/76; Died 12/09/04 of brain cancer at age 27.
Lei Lani - Born 7/1/64; Died 2/4/93 of accident related to psychological turmoil at age 28.

Leslie Glass - Died 8/4/00 of colon cancer at age 36.
Linda Lovelace - Died 4/22/02 from injuries she suffered in a car crash. She was 53.

Linda Wong - Died December 17, 1987 of an accidental drug overdose.

Lisa De Leeuw - Born 2/12/58; Died 11/11/93 of AIDS complications at age 35.

Lisa Melendez - Died of AIDS Sept. 1999
Lolo Ferrari - Died 03/05/00 from a drug overdose at age 30.

Marc Stevens - In 1989 Marck Stevens became one of the growing ranks of adult stars that have succumbed to AIDS.

Megan Leigh - Born 3/2/64; Died 6/16/90 of self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 26.

Michael Bruce - Michael Bruce passed away in 1985 from Testicular Cancer.
Moana Pozzi - Born 7/1/61; Died 9/15/94 of liver cancer at age 33.
Morelle DeKeigh - Died from HIV that turned into full blown AIDS in 1994.

Nancee Kellee - Born 1/3/58; Died 7/15/91 of self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging at age 33.

Naughtia Childs - Died January 2002: Suicide. She had taken a lot of acid and threw herself off a balcony and died.

Nozomi Momoi - On October 12, 2002 Nozomi Momoi was stabbed to death in what officials have called a bizarre murder suicide pact.

Rebecca Steele - Died of OD of Carisoprodol; suffering from AIDS 1/18/2004.

Rene Bond - Born in 1949 - Died Novemeber 1999: She died of liver problems at the age of 50.
Rex Cabo - On April 29, 2005 Rex Cabo committed suicide by jumping from his 11th floor apartment balcony.

Sandy Dempsey - Boating Accident.

Savannah - Born 10/9/70; Died 7/11/94 of self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 23.
Sharlyn Alexander - Born 8/3/57; Died 6/86 of cancer atage 28. Shauna Grant - Born 5/24/63; Died 3/21/84 of self inflicted gunshot wound at age 20.
Stasha - Born 3/24/69; Died 4/93 of Leukemia at age 24.

Susanna Britton - Died from a suicide in the 80's.

Tamara Lee - Died from HIV that turned into full blown AIDS 2/3/05.

Taylor Sumers - Murdered by photographer 02/29/04.

Teri Diver - Died 01/02/01. Lapsed into cardiac arrest from migraine medication.

Terri Hall - Died in 1995 from cancer.
Tiffany Lane - Car crash in 1998.

Tina Ross - Auto Accident in 1984.

Tina Russell - Died 05/81 of cancer at age 31.

Trinity Loren - Died 10/24/98 of drug overdose.
Wade Nichols - In late January of 1985 Wade Nichols became one of the growing ranks of adult stars to succumb to the AIDS virus.

Wendy O. Williams - Died 04/06/98 of self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Woody Long - On September 28, 2002 acclaimed adult star Woody Long passed away from a head injury that was the result of a stroke.

And according to Shelley, all these deaths were the result of porn. The one from migraine medication, the auto accidents, the cancers, all of them.

How sad that these precious lives were wasted. Perhaps they will not have died in vain and their deaths will speak out more than their lives did. STOP ABUSING PORN STARS. THE ABUSE IS KILLING THEM.

Here's my question for Shelley: What is so special about you that God heard and saved you but not all these others?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

at seventeen

I was in Atlanta for a convention in 1993, and several of us went to Cheetah's for an evening's entertainment. In the group was one fellow who had never been to a strip club.

I haven't been back since, so don't know if the club has changed, but at the time, there would be somewhere between 20 and 30 girls dancing at once, positioned all over the club, in addition to a main stage.

A table dance was literally that. The tables were bolted down and the dancer would climb up on the table and do her thing. You got a great view right up her snatcheroo. Actually, it wasn't really my thing. And the silicone was overwhelming in the place.

The guys at the table next to us were getting drunker and more rowdy as the evening progressed, but they were fun and friendly.

At some point, all action stopped and the DJ announced that a new girl was taking the main stage for her first dance, having turned 17 that day.

My strip club virgin friend looked shocked and said, "My daughter is seventeen."

One of the drunk guys heard that, pointed at my friend and shouted, "Hey, everyone! It's his daughter!"

* * *

What brought this to mind was a scene in a recent Sopranos, where the guyz are hanging out at the Bada Bing and Chris is marvelling about his little daughter and wondering what life will be like in 20 years. Paulie says, "She'll probably be working here then."

Monday, May 21, 2007

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

my new nickname

Chris at Some Guy's Blog is giving out nicknames, a la GWB. I asked for a nickname, and I can't imagine a more perfect one:


Friday, May 18, 2007

how i busted my strip club cherry

Kimba commented on my recent post about a night in Kalamazoo that I should write about more strip club experiences.

During the waning years of my first marriage I had begun traveling to different parts of the country on business. Until I was past 30, I had never been to a strip club, and if any of my male friends at the time had been, it had never come up in conversation.

One afternoon in the late 80s, I found myself in Seattle, driving from the airport to my hotel downtown. Driving down Denny Way, I saw a sign that said "Razzmatazz -- topless" or something like that. Without forethought, I pulled into the parking lot and entered the club.

I had heard about "private dances" and even read an illustrated article in Playboy some years back about the new trend of "Texas couch dances."

As I remember, the club had a single stage with a girl dancing. It last late afternoon, and not too many customers in the place. Several dancers combed the room asking patrons if they wanted table dances. I kept saying no, especially as I wanted to witness what this was about before handing over money.

They had cards on the tables advertising "table dances" for $5. After a while a couple of the other customers did buy dances and I could see that the girls stood in front of them by the table, removed their tops and danced. I didn't notice much contact -- perhaps an occasional brush-up.

What I saw wasn't that intriguing, but I thought, "Here I am, I should experience this, and it's only five bucks."

A bit later, a dancer approached me to ask if I wanted a dance. She was pretty cute, and I answered "maybe." She asked if she could sit with me and I said sure, so she took the chair next to me and started a conversation. She, like so many dancers I've chatted with since, was working her way through school.

After a few minutes of this she leaned over, stuck her tongue in my ear, and asked, "Would you like the $5 dance or the $10 dance." This was a great introduction to the world of private dances, the opportunities and negotiations that often arise. I'm no dummy, I said "$10."

She proceeded to give me a dance that, while it wouldn't impress me in today's world of $30 lap dances, had a fair amount of leg-to-dick pressure action, blowing in ears, hair trailing over my head and chest and other things that were a great turn-on to a guy who was more than 15 years into a relatively sexless marriage. Schwing!

I know I had at least one more dance, and maybe two before thanking her and leaving to finish the trip to my hotel for check-in.

I knew I had opened a Pandora's Box of sorts. Although sexually frustrated in my marriage, I didn't want to have an affair. I realized that I could achieve a sort of sexual satisfaction (even without orgasm) this way. It led to many nights on the road experiencing a variety of clubs, and later to massage parlors and (only in Nevada) brothels.

Also, I found that trying to research the sex trade in each town I visited was a challenge and a fascination. Remember, this was before the internet. When I hit town, I would buy the local newspaper, pick up the alternative free weekly and anything else that held the promis of information, and then consult the yellow pages. I learned to parse language, especially with regard to massage joints, to determine what kind of place it was and what kind of experience to expect.

I still find myself doing this kind of research, now on the internet and in advance of a trip, even without any plan to engage in these activities. I love reading escort and courtesan web sites, reading reviews on TER and strip club sites, and finding local sex-trade info sites.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

gives new meaning to "69"

Take a look at this 69 year old woman on Colbert last week ...


Not surprisingly, it's been removed thanks to Viacom's argument with YouTube. Perhaps Viacom has it on their own site, but in any case, it was Jane Fonda, sitting on Colbert's lap and smooching him. She looked so hot.

After seeing the show, I asked for and was granted a celebrity pass by my wife. Now I just need to find Jane's phone number!

Monday, May 14, 2007

i watched some gals in kalamazoo

I'm guess most of you are too young to have listened to Glen Miller, thus the above reference is lost. Hell, he was dead 25 years before I heard him. But me listening to Glen Miller when I was 17 is, chronologically speaking, like my daughter listening to the first Led Zeppelin albun, which indeed she did at that age.

This post isn't about Glen Miller, although it could be because the rumor is that he was not lost in an aircraft, but died at a French whorehouse. I like that story.

Anyhoo, this post is about Kalamazoo, and it is inspired by a comment EmmaK made on her own blog, referring to spaghetti hoops. I assume that is a quaint English term for SpaghettiO's.

So there I was in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on business, on a Wednesday night. Sorry, Michiganders, but that's a fucking bad place to be alone in the middle of the week. So I did what I usually did back then when faced with that situation, I found a local strip club.

It was the Deja Vu, an outlet of the McDonald's of strip clubs -- consistent from location to location, a little bland, but it's OK as long as it isn't the only food you eat.

What I learned on entry was that Wednesday was SpaghettiO's Wrestling night! I think they were inspired by the commercials that aired in the 60s.

So I sat there and watched as industrial size cans of the stuff were dumped onto the stage. The girls came out in bikinis and commenced to wrestling.

I know many people think that stripping and lap dancing is demeaning to the women who do it. I don't feel this way. But this was. And I didn't find it sexy at all. It was fairly disgusting.

It did appeal to the poor schnooks in the audience who were probably totally controlled by their mothers, wives or girlfriends and needed to demonstrate they had power by paying these poor women to slip and slide (oops, there goes the bikini) is this goop.

I left and had some dinner. I decided not to get Italian food.

This leads me to my other SpaghettiO's story. Also some years ago, I was in a fishing supply store in St. Cloud, Minnesota and saw a stack of can's labeled "Fish Assholes." I thought it was amusing and bought a few for myself and friends. One of them opened his can, and what was inside... SpaghettiO's. At least that's what we think they really were.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

japanese porno

Came across this post about unusual Japanese porno and sex products. If you didn't already know we Americans have a big cultural divide with the Japanese, this will prove it.

horny old guy

No, I don't mean myself. Not ready to call myself "old," that is.

It's California Mike, a 66-year-old whose blog is randy, earthy, hysterical, thoughtful and well-written, with great art too.

Check out Confessions of a Horny Old Guy!

Friday, May 04, 2007

what would you do if jesus came to your house?

I've been tagged by Jew-lie to answer the above question. Here goes:

First, I'd make us some pastrami sandwiches, on rye with mustard and cole slaw. Sour pickles and a Dr. Brown's cream soda.

Then I'd have him call Mary Magdalene to come over for a threesome. He'd be impressive to watch...quite the cocksman.

After we sent her home, I'd bring out the small batch bourbon and we'd knock back a few shots. No need for him to work, making wine and's Saturday.

Then to entertain me, he'd run some of his preaching riffs. Gawd he's good. No wonder those twelve guys follow him around like lost dogs.

As the sun went down, he'd say he needed to head home and put it to the ol' ball and chain again, because while we were both doing her he only got one pop.

Reflecting on the visit, I'd think, "they oughta name a drink, or something, after him".

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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