Tuesday, May 15, 2007

gives new meaning to "69"

Take a look at this 69 year old woman on Colbert last week ...


Not surprisingly, it's been removed thanks to Viacom's argument with YouTube. Perhaps Viacom has it on their own site, but in any case, it was Jane Fonda, sitting on Colbert's lap and smooching him. She looked so hot.

After seeing the show, I asked for and was granted a celebrity pass by my wife. Now I just need to find Jane's phone number!


EmmaK said...

She's very attractive don't you think? I hope I look like that when I'm 69.

Ms Smack said...

She was fantastic in the film (saw it for Mothers Day with my daughter!) and this is a wonderful clip.

Hi mate :)

Writeprocrastinator said...

I must say that she hasn't looked this good since her aerobics days and that unfortunately, Colbert's missus got tips from my Missus, on just how to dish out an entree of Circulon non-stick wok-related fury.