Thursday, May 24, 2007

at seventeen

I was in Atlanta for a convention in 1993, and several of us went to Cheetah's for an evening's entertainment. In the group was one fellow who had never been to a strip club.

I haven't been back since, so don't know if the club has changed, but at the time, there would be somewhere between 20 and 30 girls dancing at once, positioned all over the club, in addition to a main stage.

A table dance was literally that. The tables were bolted down and the dancer would climb up on the table and do her thing. You got a great view right up her snatcheroo. Actually, it wasn't really my thing. And the silicone was overwhelming in the place.

The guys at the table next to us were getting drunker and more rowdy as the evening progressed, but they were fun and friendly.

At some point, all action stopped and the DJ announced that a new girl was taking the main stage for her first dance, having turned 17 that day.

My strip club virgin friend looked shocked and said, "My daughter is seventeen."

One of the drunk guys heard that, pointed at my friend and shouted, "Hey, everyone! It's his daughter!"

* * *

What brought this to mind was a scene in a recent Sopranos, where the guyz are hanging out at the Bada Bing and Chris is marvelling about his little daughter and wondering what life will be like in 20 years. Paulie says, "She'll probably be working here then."

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Mandy Muse said...

Both funny and sad...