Friday, March 18, 2011

how zep got me my first feel of tit

During my senior year of high school, I had a steady girlfriend who was a year behind me. She was gorgeous, with long black hair and a great figure. But when the school year ended, she gave me back my class ring and said she didn't want to go steady for the summer. I was crushed. We didn't see each other all summer, but stayed in touch. Back in the day, that meant by phone.

I lacked the confidence to approach girls at the beach or wherever, so there was no romantic action all summer. But nonetheless I had a good time, working as a messenger during the week, taking the bus to the beach on the weekend, hanging out with friends and smoking dope at night, listening to Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin and Moby Grape alone in my room with headphones on.

During our year together, girlfriend and I had some nice makeout sessions, but anytime I tried to touch her breasts (and I definitely didn’t try touching certain other places), she gently pushed my hand away. I was so horny, I did anything I could to have (clothed) contact between my dick and her body. At seventeen, I was amazingly uninformed about sex; I just knew I had urges. I wasn’t even smart enough to figure out about masturbating, so consider how desperate I must have been! I actually orgasmed a couple of times during these sessions. I don’t remember the sensation, but just being aware that I had ejaculated and needed to do something about the sticky wetness in my pants.

In September of 1970, still seventeen, I started my freshman year of college. Now that I was a college man, my girlfriend was interested again. I was wary.

But Led Zeppelin was coming to town, so I bought tickets and on September 19, girlfriend and I went to Madison Square Garden. She wasn’t really a hard rock fan, but I think she found live Zep as mesmerizing as I did. As they launched into tunes from their second album such as Moby Dick and Whole Lotta Love, we launched into a serious makeout session.

I began caressing her breasts and she didn’t push my hand away. Was she really into it? Had her hormones kicked in? Or did she just think that she needed to “give” more now that I was in college? I’ll never know.

I slid my hand under her blouse and continued rubbing her tits over her bra. Eventually we returned our full attention to the music. It was a fantastic concert and included tunes from the third album, which was released the following month.

That was our last date. In November, I met a twenty-year-old college junior at a school event and all of a sudden, my sixteen-year-old girlfriend seemed very young. Before the year was out, I had made serious progress in my sexual education.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Schools & Strip Clubs

A couple of interesting posts on Daily Dish recently about the educational pursuits of strippers.

My first strip club experience was at the RazzMaTazz is Seattle, where between ear-licking grindup dances, the young lady talked about the college courses she was taking.

Later, an older friend, whose strip club experience was of a different era, scoffed. But I figured it made sense to earn tuition and rent bucks this way -- part time, flexible hours, good pay.

My subsequent experience proved it true, as a good number of the ladies who have entertained me over the years were working toward their degrees. I'll admit it is surreal to alternate between intelligent conversation and having your hard-on worked over, but I like it.

Here are the posts: [1] [2]

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I'm a Peeping Tom

OK, I'm not looking into the girls' changing room like I got caught doing in summer camp at age 10. But what is a man doing on a blog tour for Fast Girls: Erotica for Women? It feels somewhat voyeuristic.

My qualifications? I've always had a sensitive side. I like to have my nipples sucked. More women than men are fans of my erotic stories. Oh hell, who needs to be qualified? I just wanted to read some hot stuff by and for women. Is that so wrong?

Rachel Kramer Bussel brings us another great compilation of short erotic fiction. These run the gamut from romantic to raw.

The first employs a standard fantasy: The housewife and the young gardener/pool guy/contractor. But when guys think about that one, it's all about them. In Temptation, Kayla Perrin has her young Miguel tell the woman, "Come in my mouth." That's a role reversal that even has me squirming happily.

In Five-Minute Porn Star, Jacqueline Applebee's couple rekindle their dormant love life by enacting another standard fantasy, the handyman and the housewife, with a pleasantly funny and happy ending.

Music and erotica form the focus of Waiting for Beethoven by Susie Hara, where the story within the story becomes...the story. And it is steaming hot.

One theme that runs though several stories is the older woman and younger man. In Let's Dance by D.L. King, she has a lot of fun playing nice games with the "cute boy." He's a good learner too.

A Lesbian bar in Provincetown is the starting point for Tristan Taormino's wrenching and lovely Winter Summer.

And now for my favorite passage. It's the opener for Married Life by Charlotte Stein:

I'm so horny I could fuck anything. That guy with the weird hair and the nervous hands - I could fuck him. I could fuck his peach-haired girlfriend, too. And is that his mother with them? Throw her in while you're at it.
From standard fantasies well explored to totally original and surprising plots, the twenty stories in Fast Girls were a pleasure - and I mean pleasure - to read.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Venus deBooty

I don't watch a lot of tennis, but generally catch the last round or two of the majors. I admire Venus Williams as a player. But have to admit I also enjoy seeing her oft-erect nipples while playing. At the French open, she's done something to move our attention elsewhere.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Please, Sir

A number of years ago, I had the unique experience of a girlfriend saying to me, "I want to be your sex slave." I had never engaged in any BDSM. My sex life until then was pure vanilla. I am an ardent feminist who participated in the equal rights protest of August 26, 1970.

So the thought of physically subjugating a woman should have been troubling to me. Yet it wasn't. I guess the difference is that it was her choice. We proceeded to enjoy a couple of years of bondage, spanking, nipple clamps, rape scenarios and more. Eventually the relationship ended for the usual reasons.

I'm a guy who had never hit a woman. Hell, I've never hit a man. I am peaceful and mellow. Yet I took to this quite naturally. I called her horrible names, hit her face, breasts and butt, forced myself on her orally and otherwise. Kept her blindfolded and lashed to a beam in her garage while I waited and teased. She was scared. She cried. She came, powerfully. So did I for that matter. It's certainly made me think about the roles of men and women, the common unconscious and all that.

Rachel Kramer Bussel's collection, Please Sir, Erotic Stories of Female Submission, contains 22 stories by women. I love reading about submission from the woman's point of view. I don't know if voluntary female submission is more common than it once was, or if we're just in a more enlightened age when it's OK to write about it, and sometimes even OK to tell your friends. Either way, I am enjoying this collection because it gives me insights to how and why women want to submit, and it makes me hard as hell.

So while I think these stories were written primarily for women, I strongly encourage men to read them. Especially if you're BDSM-curious, or just intrigued. The stories are beautifully written (of course, Rachel selected them), funny at times and unvaryingly hot. Both through the stories themselves and the act of reading them and being aroused, you realize the power of the word, the idea to arouse the strongest desires a person can know.

Here are a few excerpts to whet your whistle, so to speak:

"I honestly feel like I might come right there in my mother's dining room in the soft glow of white Christmas lights under the sharp and critical gaze of distant relatives.The thought alone nearly trips me into orgasm."

"I wanted him to throw me down, ram his cock into me and fuck me hard, take full control of me, of him of -- everything."

"Enough suction? Too much in the way of teeth? You can tell her, you know. Whatever you want, she'll do it."

Follow the virtual book tour for Please Sir to see what others have to say here.

Friday, March 05, 2010

My Kind of Woman

From Craigslist Montreal:

Looking for an average guy for average sex

Keep your supersized genitalia, washboard abs and hyperactive stamina away. Don't even send me a pic of your penis.

I'm a pretty enough woman, a little extra padding now bikini season is over. I'm not waxed like a barbie doll or some deep throating goddess so move on if that's what you're looking for.

Let's just do it like an old married couple alright (however if you're married or in a committed relationship of any sort, don't bother me. If you've ever experimented with men, I'm also not interested).

I lie there maybe watch the tube. You stick it in, suck my nipples and get your rocks off. Then we both fall asleep without talking and maybe do it again in the morning... maybe. Could be a regular thing.

If this interests you and you're between the ages of 35-50, send me a message that doesn't make you seem like some sex crazed horndog, brain damaged, or both.

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