Thursday, July 15, 2010

Every Single (and Married) One


Some Chilean Woman said...

And any Chilean wife of his that finds out will kick his ass!!! Ha ha!

Al Sensu said...

That's not fair, SCW. Woman have it all wrong about us watching porn.

If they catch us looking at some blonde with big tits, they assume it's because we wish they were that. No, we watch what we don't have. It's the variety thing. If my wife were blonde with big tits, I'd look at brunettes with small ones. So it's really not a threat to you.

Plus, unless you're giving us handjobs or sex every day, we need something to get us started, because we really have to cum one way or another, so if it's not with you, it will be with ourselves. And that's OK, but don't deprive us of our visual fantasies too.

Oh, go kick his ass anyway.

Ms Smack said...

Unlike my gorgeous chilean sister, I have no problem with my man watching porn as long as he continues to tend to my needs too, keeps it away from little ones and doesn't let it dominate his time.


Rick said...

I do and dont deny it !!

Al Sensu said...

Exactly, Smack!