Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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“Religion comes up during calls more than I anticipated when I started doing sex work.”

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

about size

As reported by the Daily News, Lifestyles has offered singer Enrique Iglesias a million bucks if he'll model their line of condoms.

Although I subscribe to Esquire, I had missed this quote from the singer: "I can never find extra-small condoms."

Lifestyles took this to mean that Iglesias has a small wiener. A spokesman saying, "It takes a real man to admit his shortcomings and if this Latin crooner can flaunt a fault and still keep Anna Kournikova on his arm, other men are sure to … take pride in what they're not packin'."

They may have inferred incorrectly. A friend of mine, who for sake of discussion I will assume to be average size, says he prefers a very snug fit.

Additionally, if Ms. Kornucopia is, herself, a tight fit, it might be advisable for the male to be a bit bound up before attempting entry.

All this said, I object to the characterization of a small dick as a shortcoming. Unusually small or unusually large anything can be a challenge to a good fit when coupling. While I have been vocal in my support of all breasts, large and small, I realize that is a matter only of attraction and not mechanics.

But if we're going to start talking about penis size, then it is only fair to talk about vagina size. Sorry, but here's a case where larger is definitely not better.

So whether the fit problem is an unusually small unit or an unusually wide cunt, that's why God made dildos. They won't do the man any good but they will certainly fill up any woman. And he can still administer the pleasure, perhaps with a vibe assist.

And if he does have a diminutive tool, she, grateful for his attentions, can give him a blow job without concern about gagging.

something to amuse yourself with while blogging

USB Pole Dancer

Item No: 65512
Price: $46.98

This bikini-clad hottie spins and wiggles around the pole atop a stage complete with colorful flashing lights! Simply connect included cable to your computer's USB port to power her up, or connect included audio cable to any audio source output (computer, MP3 player, etc) and watch her pole dance to the music of your choice--or listen to her pre-recorded sultry song! 12" tall.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

glad to be a father

Earlier this summer I was visiting my adult daughter, who lives a time zone away. A couple of interesting things happened.

We were spending a relaxing evening at her apartment. She said, "Dad, I want to smoke you up." Now, I knew she smoked pot, and she knew I had, at least in the past. So my kid got me high. What a proud pappa I am! We watched old intermission shorts from drive-ins where they promoted their various snacks, and I got a wicked case of the munchies. I had her scour her cupboards until she came up with some pretzels, and then I was OK.

The next day, I decided to tell her I had taken up writing. And then I told her what kind of writing. She said, "I do that too. Do you submit to Literotica?" "I do." We decided very quickly not to exchange pen names.

She's a very cool kid.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

wet vs. dry rub

No, this is not a post on how to prepare your meat for grilling. It's about whether jerking off is more pleasurable with or without lubricant. I should be able to write with authority given how many times I've wanked.

Until relatively recently, I always went dry. Didn't like doing it in the shower, despite having once had a girlfriend who gave great soap jobs. Tried Vaseline and various skin lotions to no avail.

But aging skin combined with continued frequent self-abuse will sometimes result in a skin rupture. That is not only painful in itself, but means you have to keep your hands off your unit until it heals. What, not masturbate for a week? It's just awful!

So I realized that I needed to have a lube alternative to use when soreness begins and before real damage occurs.

I tried a couple of lubes from Good Vibrations and found one I just love, pictured at right.

I find that wanking with this cream produces a totally different sensation and experience than without. For one thing, when going dry, my hand goes up and down the shaft, but not past the frenulum.

With the cream, I go over past that ridge and over the head, and tend to concentrate the strokes in that area. The resulting orgasms are much more intense.

You might reasonably ask then, why I don't use it all the time. Well, the intense ones don't always last as long.

So in addition to preventing skin damage, my choice of wet or dry is subject to my mood and what kind of fantasy I'm employing for the session.

This cream seems fairly expensive, but I've found, as the old hair cream ad said, and so fitting for this discussion, "a little dab will do ya."

Saturday, August 18, 2007

the real me

Well, after a year, I've put a real photo of myself in the profile. It was taken by my wife as we waited for our plane to return from New York.

Wonderful woman that she is, she insisted I remove my wedding ring for the pic, because, she said, Al Sensu shouldn't be wearing one.

Now, all you women out there who've flirted with me for the past year, what do you think?

Friday, August 17, 2007

a perfect day

Wednesday in New York on business. Got laid before breakfast. Took care of business. Had the best pastrami known to mankind. Went to the In the Flesh Reading Series curated by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

I thought all the readers were great. Perry Brass very poetic, and he even passed out cupcakes. RKB herself with a very hot sub/dom/lesbo piece. Two smart, sexy readings from the collection Juicy Mangoes. And more.

But John Blesso chewed up the stage and spit it out with a very funny, erotic and poignant story about attraction to an older woman. John is young enough to be my...nephew. So I think his older woman is, oh, about my age.

Said story not related to his screamingly funny book, Sharehouse Confidential.

I bought it on the spot and my sides were splitting from laughter by the end of my subway ride back uptown.

Events like this one reason I wish I could be in New York more often.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

i like cleavage, but...

You can't really see it in this crappy cell phone pic, but this young thing entered a major trade show in New York wearing very short raggedy cutoffs that displayed a good inch of bottom cleavage. It was the worst of the many fashion disasters seen during the week.

It's great that "anything goes" now in clothing and hair styles, but the total lack of rules works against those who lack taste and judgment.

It's not that I don't have a typically male reaction to barely-clad bazongs, but a certain woman I saw who wore a black scoop-neck top with just a hint of cleavage and no VBLs*, a gray a-line skirt, and black pumps, qualified as tasteful and extremely sexy. Too bad I didn't get a picture of her.

*visible bra lines

al on 6S

Six Sentences is a fascinating blog that publishes written pieces that are six sentences long.

I wrote a piece that debuts today.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

bot really!

I'm so pleased that Chelsea Girl has included my latest story in her Fleshbot Sex Blog Roundup this week.

I'll say again: The Roundup is where I first discovered the world of Sex Blogs. It's a great way to find new writers. Chelsea and Jefferson do a great job of scouting talent and what they and Fleshbot do is a great service to writers and readers alike.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


I subscribe to blogs using Feedblitz, and get a daily email with links to all the new posts. Today's feed included one about insurance in Texas and I knew what it meant: One of the blogs I follow had closed up shop and a spammer had swooped in to claim the blog URL. This time it was Secret Brain.

Art had let us know this would happen and seemed at peace with it. I know most of us will probably not be blogging forever. If you look at the archives of most sex blogs, you'll see the ancient ones started in 2005. Most started last year or this year, so it's still a new thing.

There a just a few bloggers I have off-blog email relationships with, yet I feel some form of friendship, affection, lust, for a bunch more. Yet I am aware we really don't know each other. In most cases, we don't know each others' real names. But there is something very intimate about what we share on these blogs that leads to these feelings I have.

So when someone closes up shop, it's like losing a friend or loved one. I don't question the decision of those who, when they stop posting, take their blog down, although I hate to see those names stolen. I'd rather they did what Desireous did, maintaining the URL and making it private. Another option, although time-consuming, is to change every post to draft status. It just feels to me like someone moved into Art's house and kicked him out. But in the long run, it really doesn't matter. We all have our own lives, and we blog for a variety of reasons and find the blogs and bloggers we do to satisfy our own needs.

I just want to say thank you to Art for sharing his life, for supporting other bloggers with his knowledge and efforts, with best wishes for the future. And to the others -- perhaps some still lurking -- thanks for your openness, friendship, and in certain specific cases, for making me all hot and bothered.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

al's birthday

Al Sensu was born a year ago, August 2, 2006. He was born of horniness. From that horniness a story was extruded from the brain between his legs up through the brain in his head onto a Word document and then to blogspot.

Read the story

I have made many great friends through the blog o' sphere. I thank you all for your support, and for sharing so much of and about yourselves. It's a great community we have.

I thank all who read my little tales and commentaries. Mine are not the most-read blogs out there, but the erotischism site counter just passed 50,000, and Hard & Fast just passed 25,000, so that's not bad. I think of it this way: You people have spent more than 2,500 hours reading my scribblings, and that is an honor.

I thank the people who do Sugasm, Fleshbot Sex Blog Roundup and Adult Blog Hub. And I miss Blogstormz. These are how people found me and I found them.

I've just been interviewed by Blog Interviewer.

Keep reading and remember, we bloggers love those comments!