Tuesday, August 21, 2007

wet vs. dry rub

No, this is not a post on how to prepare your meat for grilling. It's about whether jerking off is more pleasurable with or without lubricant. I should be able to write with authority given how many times I've wanked.

Until relatively recently, I always went dry. Didn't like doing it in the shower, despite having once had a girlfriend who gave great soap jobs. Tried Vaseline and various skin lotions to no avail.

But aging skin combined with continued frequent self-abuse will sometimes result in a skin rupture. That is not only painful in itself, but means you have to keep your hands off your unit until it heals. What, not masturbate for a week? It's just awful!

So I realized that I needed to have a lube alternative to use when soreness begins and before real damage occurs.

I tried a couple of lubes from Good Vibrations and found one I just love, pictured at right.

I find that wanking with this cream produces a totally different sensation and experience than without. For one thing, when going dry, my hand goes up and down the shaft, but not past the frenulum.

With the cream, I go over past that ridge and over the head, and tend to concentrate the strokes in that area. The resulting orgasms are much more intense.

You might reasonably ask then, why I don't use it all the time. Well, the intense ones don't always last as long.

So in addition to preventing skin damage, my choice of wet or dry is subject to my mood and what kind of fantasy I'm employing for the session.

This cream seems fairly expensive, but I've found, as the old hair cream ad said, and so fitting for this discussion, "a little dab will do ya."


jewgirl said...

HA! even broads like a lil lube, too, from time to time. you are so right, it really does depend on the type of fantasy you're rolling out with and how quickly or slowly you want your session to be.

D said...

I concur about the lube. It's winner.

circumcised.aussie said...

I lived the first 49 years of my life with a foreskin and so while I occasionally used a lube, it was just for fun or to try something different. Then just before my 50th birthday I got myself circumcised for no other reason than I wanted to be, I had long considered thought that circumcised cocks where better looking, cleaner and just plain sexier.

Now of course it seemed to me that almost all circumcised men used some form of lubricant when masturbating and with no loose foreskin any more I accepted that I too would have to put lube on my weekly shopping list, after all, without the sliding action of the foreskin, how could one masturbate I thought to myself and so while I bought my first bottle of lube a couple of days before my appointment with the knife.

It sat on the bedside table awaiting that day when my circumcised cock would be healed well enough to masturbate which turned out to be exactly 7 days after I said goodbye to my foreskin.

With some degree of care I applied a liberal amount of lube to the very erect and now permanently exposed glans and started to carefully massage it, the feeling was extreme, almost too much and within a minute or so I was shooting more cum that I think I have ever seen before in my adult life, undoubtably because it had been 7 days since my last wank and I needed this so much and because this marked my first wank as a circumcised man.

Over the following days and weeks my cock continued to heal and I continued to wank, at least once a day but I found myself disliking the additional mess and cleanup required when using lube.

I started experimenting with not using lube and found that I could just as easily get myself off without any need for artificial lubricants and that it felt just as good so that today, some four and a half years later I normally masturbate my nicely circumcised cock without lube and life is just as good as it has always been.

Oh, yes, and guys if you have ever considered getting yourself circumcised, don't leave it any longer, being cut is just so much better.