Friday, August 17, 2007

a perfect day

Wednesday in New York on business. Got laid before breakfast. Took care of business. Had the best pastrami known to mankind. Went to the In the Flesh Reading Series curated by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

I thought all the readers were great. Perry Brass very poetic, and he even passed out cupcakes. RKB herself with a very hot sub/dom/lesbo piece. Two smart, sexy readings from the collection Juicy Mangoes. And more.

But John Blesso chewed up the stage and spit it out with a very funny, erotic and poignant story about attraction to an older woman. John is young enough to be my...nephew. So I think his older woman is, oh, about my age.

Said story not related to his screamingly funny book, Sharehouse Confidential.

I bought it on the spot and my sides were splitting from laughter by the end of my subway ride back uptown.

Events like this one reason I wish I could be in New York more often.


G said...

Al - Why is there no link to "Got laid before breakfast"? THATS the post I want to read! ;)

Al Sensu said...

Nice try, G. But sex, like food, can be quite pleasing but is not always worth writing about in detail. Katz's pastrami, on the other hand...

At least I had them at separate ends of the day, so I didn't pull a Costanza.

Rachel said...

So glad you enjoyed In The Flesh, and yes, John was hilarious. I especially like the profile photo of you reading John's book!

D said...

I can remember the last great sex I had (yesterday) but sadly I can't remember the last great pastrami sandwich. I think it was Mort's Deli on Wabash (closed) Avenue Chicago around 1995.

jewgirl said...

what a perfect, flawless day and night. I am buying the book. if you loved it. I will love it. I am a book buying machine these days.