Sunday, August 26, 2007

about size

As reported by the Daily News, Lifestyles has offered singer Enrique Iglesias a million bucks if he'll model their line of condoms.

Although I subscribe to Esquire, I had missed this quote from the singer: "I can never find extra-small condoms."

Lifestyles took this to mean that Iglesias has a small wiener. A spokesman saying, "It takes a real man to admit his shortcomings and if this Latin crooner can flaunt a fault and still keep Anna Kournikova on his arm, other men are sure to … take pride in what they're not packin'."

They may have inferred incorrectly. A friend of mine, who for sake of discussion I will assume to be average size, says he prefers a very snug fit.

Additionally, if Ms. Kornucopia is, herself, a tight fit, it might be advisable for the male to be a bit bound up before attempting entry.

All this said, I object to the characterization of a small dick as a shortcoming. Unusually small or unusually large anything can be a challenge to a good fit when coupling. While I have been vocal in my support of all breasts, large and small, I realize that is a matter only of attraction and not mechanics.

But if we're going to start talking about penis size, then it is only fair to talk about vagina size. Sorry, but here's a case where larger is definitely not better.

So whether the fit problem is an unusually small unit or an unusually wide cunt, that's why God made dildos. They won't do the man any good but they will certainly fill up any woman. And he can still administer the pleasure, perhaps with a vibe assist.

And if he does have a diminutive tool, she, grateful for his attentions, can give him a blow job without concern about gagging.


Anonymous said...

A not-enormous dick can be good for hitting the g-spot, too.

Fusion said...

...that's why God made dildos.

uh, I thought they were made in factories...

But a well said post Al.

Heh, my word verification for this post: jtoobitg

jewgirl said...

I don't view a big or small cock or cunt as shortcomings. when coupling, all that matters is that the two people are committed to giving pleasure to each other in whatever form that takes. fucking, dildoing, oralizing, fingerbanging, it doesn't matter. if two people want to get each other off, size shouldn't be an issue.

Devilbluedress said...

Sigh. Interesting points. But so much of the terminology that men think of resolve around a woman being "tight."

This post does not reflect...
-any of the reality of older, hotter women that may have a slightly larger size because they are mothers.
-Vaginal fisting and the powers of that type of orgasm..
-And the new cosmetic surgeries that are showing up in this area to "improve" women. Making it once again women's fault that something is wrong.

I actually thought that this post was going to reflect that IF women were going to be talking about size then they deserve to have MEN talk about size...