Tuesday, September 26, 2006

do you like boobs a lot?

So asked The Fugs more years ago than I'd like to remember. That wonderful slutsky, Katie Schwartz asked me to help promote the 5th annual blogger Boobie-Thon, a wonderful concept where women post pictures of their breasts in various states of clothedness to raise money for charity during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She knows I'll do anything she asks.

Let's do our part to preserve breasts and the women we love to whom they belong. Boobie-Thon runs from October 1 - 7.


katie schwartz said...

allie sensu. ya da best, honey! you are truly truly the best. the shit. thanks, cookie.

Ms Smack said...


Try this Al.

eros in wunderland said...

Preserve the boobs.
I'm giving free exams-
their place or mine.

Al Sensu said...

I'd be right wit, you, bro, but as my wife can testify I'm terribly untalented at removing bras -- clearly you are a master judging by your profile pic. She even learned a one-handed way from MY copy of Esquire and I can't do it. I am not dexterous except in a few areas where it *really* counts.

Edinburgh Erotica said...

The Fugs, I haven't seen anyone mention them for nearly 20 years!!

Nice one.



Anonymous said...

I like boobs.... mine and many other women's! BOY have I been a naughty girl.... I have wolf-whistled many women AND also men.... I've seen some truly lickable legs, grabbable butts, and some breasts that were truly heavenly. And some faces that are truly worth fucking, preferably with my thighs.