Tuesday, October 31, 2006

hot and cold running lust

Our love life has been pretty much on a shelf for the past six months as she recovers from an accident. But every now and then -- when she's feeling better, when we're not consumed with her recovery, my work, the kid, the animals, the household -- we reconnect sexually and it is hot.

Knowing that we haven't lost that connection -- that it is just dormant -- makes it much easier to carry on.

A friend was recently traveling on business in a foreign city known for its red light district. His wife had allowed that if he visited the district and took advantage of the services offered there it wouldn't be totally unacceptable, but she didn't want to know about it. When he returned, she changed her tune and asked him point blank whether he had. His truthful answer, "No." Why? "I just love having sex with my wife."

I know how he feels.

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katie schwartz said...

THAT IS SO HOT and so sweet! how inspiring. I love that you feel that way about your wife... so sweet. she's a lucky dame. and you are a lucky man.