Sunday, October 15, 2006

going public

My wife showed me this item from the online advice column, Dear Margo, and I nearly plotzed:


About a year ago, my husband started writing and publishing stories in a local newspaper. He never told me or showed me the stories. I heard about them from friends and then read them. The stories are about sexual behavior and fantasies involving other women. He uses the first person for the main character. I do not feel comfortable with this and haven't wanted to have sex with him anymore. I asked him why he had to publish these stories. He said they were made up and he wouldn't write them anymore. I
trusted him, but recently found that he was doing it again. All his stories are about sex. Is he sick? I really can't have sex with him when I think of the stories. He thinks I am overreacting. He still wants sex with me. Should I take him to see a therapist?



I would take him to a creative writing class to help him change the subject. First of all, I cannot imagine what kind of a local paper would publish stories about sexual fantasies. And second, I don't know what's up with a man who says he won't do it anymore and then continues. One would think that your Lysistrata maneuver would have stopped the stories, but perhaps you need to be explicit: No more amorous activities until the public flights of imagination cease. And if he is trying to send you a message, tell him you do not wish to read it in the newspaper.


Given how easy it is to be anonymous on the internet, the fact that this guy is writing for locally published hardcopy and using his real name indicates to me THAT HE HAS A PROBLEM!

Probably part of his problem is that he is seething with sexuality and his wife is fairly buttoned up. But it's difficult to blame her for her reaction. This guy needs to be a blogger.

Margo, however, lacks imagination if she can't imagine what kind of local paper would publish sex stories. Not that there's one everywhere, but lots of cities have local sex tabloids. And I wonder about what this woman thinks of her friends who are reading those rags!

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Ms Smack said...

Now thats an interesting topic! With censorship these days, if you throw in a marriage, especially one that is unequal in sexual expression, it is a minefield for disaster. I feel sorry for the dude. Just because someone writes about stuff doesnt mean they would do it, or have done it.

She should lighten up and let the juices flow.