Saturday, January 20, 2007

10 things about me that I really don't want to tell you but will because I'm a freak

Another writing assignment from Katie Schwartz:

  1. One of my favorite fantasies is doing a threesome with a mother and her daughter. I'll have to write that one up.
  2. I am 100% straight, but I love to watch men cum. As long as there's a woman involved.
  3. I have no interest in anal sex. I like looking at women's asses, but it's strictly an aesthetic thing.
  4. However, when a little anal play was tried upon me once, it was intriguing, but I ended up not really liking it. Reminded me of a colonoscopy.
  5. I don't care for shaved pussies. They make me think of little girls (I raised one) and that seems very wrong. I like them either wild or a little trimmed (but not in shapes).
  6. I recently started shaving my balls. I found they are much more sensitive to manual stimulation that way.
  7. Then I started just trimming the forest around them just a bit. Don't know why.
  8. One of my dream businesses is to run a brothel and do it right. My inspiration is the guy who runs the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Carson City.
  9. Another is to run a strip club, and I think I have some innovative ideas that I won't share here.
  10. Most porn bores me. But the best sex bloggers get me going.


Anonymous said...

Al - You and The Honey have much in common. He prefers me in my winter coat rather than with my summer trim.

Anonymous said...

alleyoop, I love this! what a fabulous meem. you crack me up.

the fact that you enjoy a full bush is so refreshing, I can't even tell you! most men want infant lips these days and it's god damned creepy and gross.

I think you would make a fabulous brothel owner. if I ever became a madame, my girls would have the best ppo in town.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for a guy who likes a woman looking like a woman - I shaved completely once and it itched so badly growing back I'll never do it again. And yeah, creeeeeepy.

Al Sensu said...

Interesting and refreshing -- the response to #5. I also find it interesting that the trend toward shaving has really taken off during the current presidency. I wonder if there's a connection?