Monday, April 23, 2007

who's got the power?

From an Atlanta public access show, found by Amy Guth. Katie Schwartz sent it to me. I wonder why?

I wanted to laugh at this at first, but this woman is so right. I’ve always wondered why many women make bad choices about who they sleep with (i.e. not sleeping with me). Now I understand – some guys’ dicks radiate heat and that seduces women’s pussies. Women are cum slaves and those men's penises have the power over them and their vaginas. Makes more sense than any explanation I’ve come up with.


"jew" "girl" said...

loving you so hard, sensu.

I must admit, I prefer to think of myself as a self-created cum junkie. I prefer not to give the power to the peen.


Ms Smack said...

oh this is gold. Thanks to katie for sending me the link!

Amy Guth said...

Ha! "...give the power to the peen" Love that.