Monday, March 10, 2008

spitzer vs. clinton: bill got it for free

You'll never see Bill Clinton get caught in a prostitution web. Bill doesn't pay.

But I'm sympathetic to Elliott. Like him, I'm a bald, middle aged Jewish guy from New York without the good looks and southern charm that Billyboy has.

Where the Governor and I part company is that I wouldn't pay $4k+ to get laid even if I had the money. Elliott, there's this thing called the internet. On it you can find sites like The Erotic Review and Big Doggie. Just a modest subscription fee and a little research will help you find many fine ladies who will sell you an hour of their time for $300, $400, $500. I'm sure they're as good as "Kristen."

And if you'd stick with independent operators, you wouldn't be caught in the kind of case you pursued as Attorney General of New York State.

The real Emperors Club web site, now disabled.

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