Friday, July 10, 2009

Kyra's Chrysalis

Once upon a time, before the internet, it was difficult to learn about sexual services and the like. In the late 80s I entered a period of regular visits to strip clubs and massage parlors. But with no ready reviews, it was hit and miss, especially as a lot of this happened when I was traveling the country on business, so I couldn't avail myself of local word of mouth.

But my first and most regular erotic massage experience was at Kyra's Chrysalis in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I'm sure I found out about it through their coded ads in newspaper classifieds. I remember calling the first time, not knowing how it all worked or what to expect, and I was read the menu. Intrigued by "Bubble Bath Surprise" I made a reservation and headed over.

Kyra's was in a private home in this very touristy town. But it was totally discreet, and I believe it lived off of local clientele rather than tourists. Kyra herself was a remarkable woman, a psychic who performed past life regressions as well as managing her rub-n-tug business. She was warm and welcoming and considered the service she and her ladies were providing a sacred enterprise.

The women who worked there were not hotties. They were mostly single mothers. Certainly they were attractive enough, but it was their personalities and approach to the work that made visiting Kyra's such a pleasure. They provided an outlet for many unsatisfied married men.

The Bubble Bath Surprise was a 45-minute session. It began with the bubble bath, with your chosen lady in lingerie washing you all over. Then to the massage table. The women at Kyra's could deliver a decent Swedish massage. On the flip they would go topless and there might be a little body to body contact. But this was closer to therapeutic massage with a happy ending then it was to something more overtly sexual. Pretty tame by today's standards.

And yet it was exactly what I needed at the time. A fun, "clean," guiltless, sensual experience and release provided by a nice lady. And the price was amazingly reaosnable, even for twenty years ago: $45 plus tip. The tip was not spoken of, negotiated on, or a condition of the hand release. When the session was over, you could tip if you wanted. I always tipped $40 and thought I was being pretty generous, and I think by their reactions the ladies agreed.

Eventually, Old Orchard passed a law against hand jobs and Kyra was run out of town. She relocated at least twice in different towns in the Portland area, but eventually disappeared.

If anyone knows what happened to Kyra, please comment here. I want her to know, along with Linda, Amber and the other ladies, how wonderful their service was and how much it was appreciated.

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