Thursday, February 04, 2010

Who's Moaning Now?

I love to watch hand job videos. I really am not a fan of the facial ending which seems so popular. What I like is a HJ taken to conclusion by the woman (in nearly all facials, the man takes over to finish himself off). I find it exciting for a woman to do a hand job to completion whether I'm experiencing it myself or watching on the computer (the former being preferable, of course). I love to see a volcanic eruption, the kind which I'm less capable of producing now that I'm older.

But I've noticed in most of these videos, the men are silent except for perhaps a throaty exhalation at the end, while the woman is moaning and chirping as if it were she receiving the stimulation. While I know a woman can get turned on by turning on her man, this over the top vocalization makes no sense at all, and causes me to turn off the sound. I understand verbal encouragement helps, but moaning like they do on these videos is just silly.

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