Monday, December 11, 2006

got testosterone?

So my doctor told me today my testosterone level is too low. He said it's important to have the correct level for my health.

This explains why I only need to jerk off 5 times a week instead of 10 as I used to.

I told my wife I would be taking testosterone supplements. Let's just say she is scared.

My six inch best friend is happy as hell.

I may be growing old, but don't plan to do it gracefully.


Anonymous said...

(*rolling on the floor laughing)

Good luck to your wife!

badinfluencegirl said...

oh my

*laughs self silly*

tell your wife to get you a pocket pussy for xmas


surfercam said...

That's great Al.
I'm already looking forward to reading about all your forthcoming new adventures....

Al Sensu said...

Thanks all for your good thoughts. The P.P. is a great idea!