Friday, June 15, 2007

tmi (way past) tuesday #87

1. What is the meanest thing you've ever done/said to a lover/loved one?

To a close friend in high school who expressed that she wanted our friendship to become romantic: "Beggars can't be choosers." I was trying to be self-deprecating, but for obvious reasons it wasn't taken that way.

2. Have you ever had sex on an elevator?

No, but I've listened to Aerosmith.

3. Have you ever lied about a rash and said it was a birthmark? OR Have you ever lied about a birthmark and said it was a rash?

Have never had either.

4. Have you ever had sex on a beach or in the water at a beach/pool?

No, but i tried once. I was at a resort with a girlfriend on a secluded beach. We got naked and snorkeled (carefully!). I suggested since we were all alone on this beautiful Caribbean beach we should make love. Got shot down.

5. How old are you? How old do you feel?

54. 44.

6. Have you or your partner been injured so badly during sex that you/they had to go to the hospital?

I wish.

7. Have you been to a strip club or "titty bar"? (Hooters does NOT count.) If so, did you get a lap dance?

Oh, have I! Did I? Just click on "strip club" on the tags to see the stories posted so far.

Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever had a "blog crush" (i.e., a crush on someone, of whatever gender, that you haven't met in person but only know through their blog)? Who? (Link, please, if you dare!)

Do you mean crush, like romantic? Or since this is a sex blog, crush, like BILFs? Yes. Not ready to name names.


Writeprocrastinator said...

"No, but I've listened to Aerosmith."

But does Steven Tyler have sex in an elevator, while listening to MP3s of Al Sensu?

Procrastinating minds want to know...

Amy Guth said...

Ha! BILFs!

jewgirl said...

the self depricating thing that backfired... oy can I relate.

kimba said...

I'm the crush ya?

And can I tell you - since reading the word Aerosmith on your blog.. I have a bit of a crush on you..

Steven Tyler
That mouth
The things he could do with that mouth... ohhhhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyy gooooooooooddddddddddddddddddd

(weird crush I know.. but I think he is hot hot hot!)

dirty thirties said...

Liked number 6 .. :-)

Who thinks up these questions !

Al Sensu said...

TinkledPinkToes, ProfessorFate and CandyCoated.