Thursday, November 08, 2007

cat macros

Cat macros, also known as lolcats, are pictures of cats with cute captions, usually employing common mis-spellings and texting shorthand. I find them pretty funny, but thought it was time to try something sexual.

If you've never seen them, take a look here.

And then see my first try at making one here.


jewgirl said...

I've never seen them. that's so funny. I love the dramatic poses.

G said...

My Darling, Sweet Delicious Al, I hate to be the party pooper on cat humor but it totally icks me out. Gimme a big ole dog that can hunt sumpthin any day.


Post Script: Todays word verification (NWVQJSQI)looks like the new slang you may be looking for the cock-n-balls combo. Try it, it might just catch on.