Sunday, October 28, 2007

we needed another name for it

No, I don't watch Grey's Anatomy or Oprah. This is why I was totally out of the loop on vajayjay.

Thank goodness I read the New York Times, which included an article on this word among "All The News That's Fit to Print" today.

Hey, we just can't have enough euphemisms for our naughty bits. While I don't mind using "penis" and "vagina" when not talking about sex, they are just not romantic sounding words. And as the Times article points out, "vagina" does not represent the full genital complement of a woman.

So while there are a number of words that can be used instead, "cunt" often sounds too harsh and "pussy" sounds, well, like a pussy.

I know I haven't written a new tale in a while, but next time I do, I'm going to look for an opportunity to use "vajayjay."

Now, if those Grey's Anatomy folks can come up with something better than "cock" or "dick." Maybe something that represents both penis and testicles together. Those docs ought to be able to manage that!


kimba said...

sorry can't do the linky thing.. I am a retard.. xx

BottleBlonde said...

How about 'wiener schnitzel' for the penis and testicles? I rather enjoy dining on wiener schnitzel.

Fusion said...

just read a comment today where the writer used vajayjay...
must be gaining popularity, eh?

jewgirl said...

lewchers sent me that video. isn't it hilar? I must've seen it about a hundred times, I kid you not.

now onto wadgey dish. I love cunt. this you know. I am always spinning new words for peenysacks and vadgeys. I think it's way more festive (as you said) to come up with new words for our dirty bits.