Sunday, October 21, 2007

the truth outs

Thanks to all who responded to my poll. I linked to five of my stories from erotischism, challenging readers to determine which was written from my real life experiences.

The true story was the winner!

Tighter 44%
Home Cooking 28%
My Slum Goddess 17%
At a Bar in a Strange City 11%
A Saucy Tale 0%


Anonymous said...

Yessss! I knew that one was, and I'd have been so disappointed if it wasn't!

jewgirl said...

I remember this. When I voted (if I'm not mistaken), I thought it was a saucy tale. that's also one of my faaaaaaaaaaavorite yarns. so is the vinty yarn about losing your virginity. love, love, love that story. ah, so sweet and so 60s east village.