Saturday, January 17, 2009

Advice: How To Take Control

Hello!!! I want to know some ways to take control in the bedroom. My partner loves it, but I feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over. I give him blow jobs when I run out of new things (it works like a charm). I need something new please help.

There are so many directions you can go in and it really depends on what you're looking for. It may be simply moving away from a routine -- trying different positions for intercourse; changing the way in which you engage in foreplay. Or you may need to stretch into totally new things such as dominance/submission or bondage (light or serious). My suggestion is to go to the bookstore and read a couple of books on bedroom techniques to find what appeals to you. Then just try some stuff. Some men are complacent -- if they're getting blown or laid, they're satisfied. You may also need to let your partner know you expect some creativity from him.

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