Wednesday, November 15, 2006

sugasm #54

This week’s best of the sex blogs from the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #55? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks

My Response to The Government’s Pushing of Celibacy on Adults! (

“We should teach that SEX IS ABOUT PLEASURE.”

Flying in the Face of Censorship (

“But these days, the UK is Europe’s frisky frontier, and the hotties are flying in from all over.”

Life as an Adult Cam Worker (

“Experiment with days and times to find out what’s the best time for you to be on live.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself

Our fearless leader promises he will leave the marathon orgy and be back to blogging soon. In the meantime enjoy one from the vault.

3 Porn Based Urban Legends (

Editors’ Choice

Home Run (

More Sugasm

Join the Sugasm

Sex News, Reviews & Interviews

An Audience with… David Pierson Part 1 (

Everything To Do With Sex (video) (

The Harlot and the Painter (

Sexy Interview - Rubberella (

Silicone Beaded Matador Cock Ring Review (

Venus Berlin Show Report - Fucking Machines (

Welcome to “Sex Blogger Community” (

Erotic Writing and Experiences

The Cabin, Part II (

Early Masturbation Experiences (

Fun in the Bahamas (

Hopeless, Irresistible Lust (

I Haven’t Come in Days (

Lipstick On Your… What? (

Nikki (

Piano Girl I (

Restless (

Story 2 - Stressed (

Too Sick to Fuck (

Toy Tuesday: Plug (

Sex & Politics

US Government Preaches Abstinence to Adults (

BDSM and Fetish

Bad Kitty (

Bitch in Heat (

I Like Big Butts (And Petite Posteriors) (

Late-Breaking Newsflash: Katie Spades Given a Hand-spanking For Cheek (

A Nawty Story: Kitten Fibbed (

Slave sex, a lesson learned too well (

Thou Shalt Not Touch Thy Students (

NSFW Pics (& video)

Half-Nekkid Posterized! (

Happy HNT - Stadium Flash (

Featured DDGirls Covergirl Sasha Grey (

Karina (

Mea-Culpa Erotic Nudes (

Mistress Xena in Purple Boots (video) (

Rub it the Right Way (video) (

Vote (

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships

Bloggin’ Naked on a Pink Slip. (

Do I Stay or Do I Go? (

The Joy Of Sharing? (

Water Works (

Wired (

Sex Humor

Cock Rock Travelogue (

Mismatched Whores: Time, Time, Time (

Sex History

The Conception of Trojan Condoms (

Retro Raw: The Best of Amber Lynn (

Sexy Sasha Grey courtesy of DD Girls Blog.

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