Thursday, November 16, 2006

those sexy germans

In Germany there are channels that run soft porn shows and films at night. The commercials consist of ads for phone and SMS text sex. The ads are about 10 seconds each and they'll string 30 of them together, with some repeating. Here are some pix I shot of the TV in my hotel room earlier this year:


surfercam said...

I remember being on holidays in Germany as a teenager with my parents.
One night they went out for dinner and said, "Don't watch any TV."
I knew something was up and spent the next 2 hours searching for porn.
God bless European TV!

Tara Tainton said...

Shots of the TV! That's funny, but also sexy. I only lived in Germany as a kid, and I definitely don't remember the late night t.v. ;) I can't wait to get overseas again!


Al Sensu said...

Surfercam - What did your parents expect when they told you not to watch TV and went out!

Tara - none of it is as sexy as you are.