Monday, June 08, 2009

Advice: Aunt Fantasies

I live with my aunt who is very seductive with out actually doing anything , I can not get aroused when she is not around and it is torture , she will be home soon and Im considering what would happen if she completed my orgasm with either her hands or her gorgeous feet . Im sure she would want me too not be in pain , and im just curious . I think it will get it out of my system ,plus I am the not approaching the situation , Maybe you can suggest a way to start , I am also completely ok with her watching me massage it while she curls her toes , I might not have m,uch time left on this earth , Id like a pleasureable expierience , also why doesnt it get hard when she is not around ?

You ought to get together with the
girl who had a crush on her uncle.

You don't say anything about how old you are and how old your aunt is or why you are living with her. My advice is similar as to that girl: fantasize if you must, butlook elsewhere.

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