Thursday, March 12, 2009

Advice: Uncle Crush?

Ok, i have a question, but am not really sure how to put it.

I am 18 and am bi, and i have a major attraction towards my uncle who i live with,
there have been times (such as australia day) when someones bought up the topic hooking up and he's gone, "there's nobody but my niece and i'm not gonna do that".

Does this mean he's thought about it?

please help me...i'm so confused..

Sounds like perhaps he has thought about it. Good for him that he says he won't act on it. Bad that he has said that aloud.

Don't know how it works in Australia, but in the States, you are sexually of age at 18 and can do what you wish, as can your uncle. However, it sounds as if he's been acting as a parent. Blood relation aside, he is in a position of trust and in my opinion it would not be healthful for you to have a romantic or sexual relationship. You may simply be experiencing a crush based on proximity.

Go out, meet boys your age. Do not act of your attraction to your uncle or tempt him to do so. Make sure you are doing something useful in your life such as school or a job, and try to meet guys there.

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