Monday, March 23, 2009

Advice: Breasts for my lover?

hello i'm a gay male. my lover would like me to have breasts. we can not afford implants is there anything that we can do to enlarge my chest he like for me to have least 36d. i'm 6' 0 tall my weight is 145 lbs hope you can suggest something thank you

Grow older and don't diet or exercise - you'll get man-boobs for sure.

I'm sorry, but I think female breasts are one of the things you don't get if you're gay. Are you sure your lover isn't bi? If he was then you could invite a female into your love life.

If he wants you to look like you have tits, get some falsies and wear them when you're dressed, but I know of no substitutes for the real or fake things when you're nekkid.

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