Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Advice: Gotta Love Giving Head

Is it just me, or is there a serious double standard surrounding fellatio/cunnilingus? Giving guys head has become so standard that any girl who doesn't do it is considered a repressed prude - which does make sense. But it seems to me that guys who don't go down on girls are treated much more kindly. And if they do, they consider it some kind of freaking accomplishment, rather than the equal counterpart to fellatio. Bullshit reasons such as "surface area" and the penis being "more aesthetically pleasing" than the vagina are of course given.

I have had guys tell me that they enjoy giving me head because it gives me pleasure, but that they don't enjoy it physically. To me this seems awful, basically the equivalent of saying "Well, I'll do this thing because I'm SUCH an amazing lover, but in actual fact your cunt disgusts me." A good lover must love all of my body; if anything, he should love my cunt MORE than anything else. When I am getting head, I want to know he loves the way my cunt smells, tastes and feels, that he would do it just for the sake of how it feels to him. This grudging shit is not cool.

Are you with me? I hope one day women's bodies may be seen as the beautiful miracles that they are. It is time for some freaking liberation!

I'm with you 100%.

Guys, pay attention.

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