Thursday, May 28, 2009

Advice: The Cuckold Fantasy Again!

Over the last couple of years I have been obsessing about imagining my wife with another man. We have never really considered it and will probably never do it but I always fantasize about it. We even incorporate it into our lovemaking. Kind of like the scene from the movie Sideways. She plays along with it and makes up stories about being with other men while I'm at work and so on. She has been a good sport about it.
When alone I sometimes even masturbate to the thought of it. I never used to do this, it would have never crossed my mind. I can't explain why that is. But, it is probably my strongest fantasy arousal. Is this normal? What does it mean? Please help. I am starting to worry.

People always want to know "is this normal." Please don't worry about normal. There is no normal.

At this point you haven't complicated matters by wanting to act on the fantasy. There would be nothing wrong with it per se, but it would be playing with fire.

If your wife is OK with this as she seems to be (actually she may be loving it), just enjoy the fantasy.

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Anonymous said...

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