Sunday, May 03, 2009

Advice: Is she diddling herself with thoughts of me?

Basically what I’m asking is: you know how guys see a girl “like at school, work, etc” and masturbate thinking about having sex with them!? Just wondering if women do the same (masturbate in private about a co-worker they see everyday, a boy at school, etc? If I would like to “think” that one does is there anyway to know? Like asking a question? Seeing a reaction? Was just always curious. Like could a girl at work be masturbating off thinking about me while in private?

It certainly happens, but from the women I've known that I could talk about such stuff with, and from what I've read, women are somewhat less likely to sexually fantasize about people they know than men are. I think they are more likely than men to fantasize about celebrities. Other than that, like us, they may fantasize about someone they make up or saw on the street or in the subway.

And I understand your curiosity. Wouldn't it be interesting to know if someone was masturbating to visions of you? 

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Some Chilean Woman said...

I haven't done it in months 'cause I am not alone in bed any more, don't really have the need.

But when we were apart I did think of him...I called out his name and that helped me through it all.

Before him though, I wouldn't have anyone in mind really, I mostly just enjoyed my own body and my own reaction, my own taste and smell. No men, just myself.