Saturday, May 09, 2009

Advice: She's Never Climaxed

Here is my problem. Me and my girlfriend have been sexually active since we started dating about a year ago. Also she has never ever had an orgasm, not with me or anyone, not even with herself. I have tried so hard to give her the pleasure she gives me but I just seem to fall short. I personally think that I am to blame, my penis is kind of short and I always orgasm to quickly. What should I do?

Considering she has never orgasmed, you're taking a lot on yourself. Of course it's not your fault. She needs to learn how to orgasm and there are plenty of resources on the internet. As well, she may need some specialized therapy. And there can always be a physiological cause.

Get her to Google "learning how to orgasm" and she'll find a wealth of articles and book suggestions.

My question to you is whether she is very frustrated when you have sex, or seems to be enjoying it and just doesn't climax? My advice is for you not to concentrate on her orgasm until she learns about specific exercises you can help her with, and just concentrate on giving her
sensual pleasure. Everyone knows how to receive that. And if you both relax into it, who knows, something good may happen.

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