Tuesday, February 06, 2007

green with envy

A friend from high school went into the same industry as me, and our professional paths have crossed occasionally over the decades. We otherwise say hi and chat for about a minute once a year at a trade show.

I had reason to email him this week and he mentioned having run into someone from our class, and I shared in return about having reconnected with a friend from school recently.

THEN he wrote that some years ago he had run into a girl from our class on the subway. And although she didn't remember him, they made a connection. And that turned into a relationship for about a year.

SHE was my #1 fantasy girl in high school. I pined over her. Never had the nerve to ask her out. Imagined her being in love with me. Imagined making out with her so many times. (Making out was as far as my fantasies went at that time, being too inexperienced to truly imagine more.)

THIS once-nerdy friend now tells me, not in so many words, that he had sex with this girl/woman for a year.

Yes, this little twerp (my good friend and colleague) FUCKED THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS!!!!!!

life is not fair.


Chris said...

Ouch. That one hurts. Sorry, hon.

Lilla Smutzig said...

But imagine all the revenge fantasy sex you can now have! Possibly with your colleague tied up and watching... the mind is a beautiful place, filled with possibilities.

Spice said...

God that's funny! I mean, terrible.
Poor Al.
Maybe she's grown up to be a total nerd??