Friday, February 02, 2007

i'm so honored... desireous did me!

At the time this post was originally written, one of the great sex bloggers, desireous, had just finished a marathon session of sucking off lots of lucky male sex bloggers, including yours truly. But when she was finished, she told us this was the grand finale to her blog. Sadly, she decided to take the blog off the air. I saved my portion of the orgy, including the cock-shot I had provided:

* * * * *

Then I feasted my eyes on Al and his lovely big cock! Al had sent me this picture to give me a clue as to what I would be getting my hands on but his drawing most certainly didn't give that beauty justice!

I stroked Al's hot cock and balls for a few moments and then I swallowed it up like a hungry whore sucking it like it were the last cock on earth! God that was a hot cock! I stroked it with my hand and sucked all at the same time with fondling his balls with my other hand. I took it out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my cum soaked face and then took it back in to suck some more. Al was groaning and I knew I was sucking it good for him. This always makes me happy cause I love a man to walk way thinking, Now that was some good head! I aim to please that I can assure you! I worked that cock while the room cheered me on. I sucked and sucked and worked that shaft with my tongue and took in as much of that big cock as I could manage until finally I made that bad boy bust his load shooting his heavenly cream all over my tongue and lips. What a delightful flavor his spunk had!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Very hot. And I don't mean that in a Paris Hilton kind of way.

Very hot.

Desireous said...

And what a time I had too! ;)