Friday, March 30, 2007

five facts

Preheated has dared me to state five facts about myself you wouldn't know by reading this blog. This will be challenging because I've already responded to similar tags for 5 things you don't know about me, six weird things about me, and my top 5.

What facts that haven't already been published am I willing to share? I think I'll stick to blogging and bloggers:

  1. I used to be one of those who was skeptical about blogging. "What a waste of time." "An outlet for wannabes who can't really write." Instead, I've found a rich community of interesting, and often talented, people who blog about sex, life and politics.
  2. I have a "vanilla" blog under my real identity. There are some people who read both my sex blogs and my vanilla blog. You can try to guess who you are and who I am, but I will not respond to such queries.
  3. I have photo blogs under yet another identity. I know some people read this one and those, but am not aware of anyone who reads blogs under all three identities.
  4. I monitor about 60 blogs*. Most of them are sex blogs. Between the sexy writing and the pix, I no longer desire paid pornography.
  5. Most of my stories are pure fiction, but I've mixed in some based on truth. I don't have that many real-life experiences that would be compelling enough for stories, so I hope the fantasies keep coming to me. So far not a problem -- I have more ideas than time to write. And I'm hoping one day an idea will be expansive enough to turn into a novel.

*I love feedblitz -- it sends me a daily email with new posts from all the blogs I'm interested in.


"jew" "girl" said...

oh, I had no idea you had a vanilla blog. do I read it? have I hit your photo blog? sensu, spill! I know you won't, but i had to ask.

Al Sensu said...

Nice try.