Friday, March 09, 2007

i just love contests!

You may remember a few months ago, I won Desireous's contest to create a story around one of the gifts she sells with this entry.

Inspired by my success, I entered Dirty Little Girl's Valentine's Day Contest to write a fantasy about her, incorporating some filthy search terms that led people to her blog. Well, I'm a wiener again! And I got a great prize.

Read the winning entry and a smoking post about how she made my prize here!

Thanks, DLG, you sure are luscious!

Part of my prize.
You'll never see the rest.


"jew" "girl" said...

sensu, I loved your post. I clicked over and saw it. this broad is extremely wood friendly, huh?!??!?! how bout' that erection.

too perfect. congratulations. not surprised. you spin one hell of an erotic yarn, my friend!

Creepy said...

I've gotta start entering contests.