Thursday, September 20, 2007

brothel story III

My third and final visit to a Nevada brothel was on a return trip to Reno. Just beyond the Washoe county boundary was the famous Mustang Ranch.

I don't have a very detailed memory of my visit there. I remember having a drink at the bar before viewing the lineup. I have no memory of the girl I selected, what she looked like, even what race she was.

What I do remember is that the fee was very high for that time -- $250 -- and that I got a standard missionary fuck.

I felt like I was in a tourist trap. Because I was. And I had been taken for a ride. But not a particularly good ride.

Back at the hotel in Reno, I purchased a souvenir shot glass. I still think it's funny, but not at all reflective of the experience:

Mustang Ranch

Where Quality Keeps Them Coming

After these Nevada experiences, I found it eye-opening (perhaps eye-popping) to see the Cathouse series on HBO featuring the restyled Moonlight Bunny Ranch. If the show is at all representative of the real experience and vibe of the place, then I give all credit to Dennis Hof. I don't know where guys find the $$$ to party there, but at least they get a good experience.

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G said...

Al, baby - at least give us a pic of the shot glass!