Tuesday, September 04, 2007

sugasm pick better than nose pick

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Hey, that's me! I think this is the first time that H&F has been a top 3 pick by Sugasm participants! Want in Sugasm #96? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s Picks

“She could see that he had something concealed in his other hand, but couldn’t quite tell whether it would be an instrument of torture or pleasure.”

Lunch Hour
“He’s very good, but I notice the almost imperceptible start as he notices what’s going on.”

About size
“But if we’re going to start talking about penis size, then it is only fair to talk about vagina size.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself

“Men on a Mission” Calendar 2008

Editor’s Choice

The S Spot Sexy Short Story Competition!

More Sugasm

Join the Sugasm

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BDSM & Fetish

Abstract Question

Crimson Pain

Etched with Love (Anniversary pt 1)

Half-Nekkid in America

Happy HNT - Rope bondage paddling

His Cane, His Gown, His Mortarboard

Master and Slave

On becoming a small letter person

Pagan preaches…

Sex and Money

Spankings and Cupcakes….

Want To Learn How To Do Figging?

Sex Humor

Mystery Sex Toys

Erotic Writing and Experiences

Ace and Idiot

The beauty stops by

Brothers friend..what a night to remember.


Finger Fucking Friday


Holding Pattern


No reservations, part 3

Welcome back….

NSFW Pics & Videos

Half-Nekkid Fetishist

Lilya in polka dots

Perla | Voluptueux (errotica archives)

Petter Hegre’s Fantasy Island

Ron Harris’s Latest Erotic Photo and Video

Sex Work

Do I Kiss & Tell? (Or, Why Sex Pros Make Better Bloggers)

Sex Work And Religion: Sacred Pussy, Controlled Womb

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships

The Brick Wall Statement

Being out vs Being out there

MisQuote The Craig, Evermore

More On “Hiding in Plain Sight”

The Scientific Desires

Sex News & Reviews

Ivy Intimate Touch Palm Massager Review

Pick me, pick me!

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