Wednesday, September 26, 2007

brothel story IV

In Frankfurt, Germany there is a red zone where there are strip clubs and eros houses.

An Eros house is a building with one-room apartments that are rented to prostitutes. Prostitution is legal and taxed, but not regulated in the way it is in Nevada. Customers walk through the house and the available girls stand in their doorways and try to entice customers.

Few of the girls are German and few speak much English. But they can say "Suck and fuck, twenty-five Euros." When I first walked through an Eros house it was before the Euro, and the going price was fifty Marks.

I walked through the house with friends, just as tourists. But then I went back by myself. I decided I would get a blow job.

I chose a girl and told her I justed wanted "suck" and not "fuck." She nodded and indicated I should undress. She took off her neglige. I couldn't quite figure out her ethnicity, but it clearly included African blood. She had me lie down. She got me hard and then rolled on a condom. She started blowing me, making big sucking and licking sounds.

Then she climbed on top of me and held her tits above my head. I pulled her down so I could fondle and suck them. She rubbed her body against mine. Her bush felt wirey and her breasts soft. This felt good. I waited for her to move back down and continue sucking.

In a moment I realized she had put me inside her. I guess she hadn't understood. For a split second I considered what to do. My dick overrode the thought process.

She moved her hips to and fro and I began pushing. I gave myself over to this. She looked in my eyes as we fucked and in a minute or two I orgasmed. She smiled and held the base of the condom as she lifted herself off me.

I dressed, paid her, thanked her and left. It wasn't a bad experience and certainly didn't cost much. I was relieved when I passed a blood test six months later.

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