Thursday, December 04, 2008

Advice: Are men in their 40s too old to want sex?

I'm in love with a 42 year-old divorced man, and am only 18. We've been together for almost two years. There was a time when i caught him doing it with another woman and eventually after the long talk i ended up forgiving him and loving him more. During our first months together the sex was great but seldom happens. until it reached to the point where we barely had sex. and so i ended up entertaining guys to somehow ease the tension of wanting to have sex but whenever the chance comes i feel guilty and so i end up refusing the guy.

I tried to talk to him about me wanting to have sex but he always makes age as an excuse, like older people are way matured and their libido isn't like what young people have. So other than sex all we do is he fingers me while playing my breast, i give him a blow job and nothing else. he doesn't even kiss me in the lips. what could this mean? I need advice, because i am way tired and frustrated about the way he acts? is it only because of the age?

From your point of view 42 seems old. And yes, most 42-year-old men can't cum three times in an hour like a boy your age. But a a rule they are still very sexually active and very horny, especially for 18-year-old chippies like yourself. You did notice him having sex with someone else, right?

Basically, he's bored with you and I'm not sure why he's still stringing you along. Maybe it's good for his ego. I suggest you get out of this relationship as fast as you can and look for someone just a little closer to your own age.

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