Saturday, December 06, 2008

Advice: My guy's too shy to tell me what he likes

I've been dating this guy for 7 months now, and things are going really well. My only concern is when it comes to sex. I'm worried that I'm not giving him what he wants, like something is missing. It has even happened a time or two where he has lost his erection, and he'd only get off if I gave him a BJ. This leaves me feeling frustrated. I've tried to get him to open up and tell me what he wants, and what he likes. Including him I've only had sex with six people, and it wasn't very frequent with any of them (two were just one time things). He's had a lot more experience, but is very very shy. I think this is why he doesn't want to tell me what he wants.

What are some things that I can suggest to help spice things up and get him really excited? I know he likes it a little on the rougher side...what can I do in that regard? How do I learn to talk dirty to him, which I believe he also enjoys? I'm on the shy and inexperienced side of the scale, so I definitely need some advice. I also like it kinda rough, so it wouldn't be going against what I like...I just don't know where to start! Thanks for your advice.

I'm getting a little sick and tired of guys who won't say what they want.

Here's what I suggest: Tell him you'll make all his sexual dreams and fantasies come true. Just one requirement: He needs to tell you what they are.

You and he should talk about this stuff not when you're in the bedroom, but some other place and time. Then you can make an action plan. "Rough" means different things to different people. Talk it out over breakfast sometime. Then go for it.

Him going soft during intercourse may not have anything to do with boredom. He might need a different position to create the right stimulation. No talk, no satisfaction.

The way to learn to talk dirty, if that's what you want, is to not be too conscious about. Say whatever comes into your mind when he's fucking you.

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