Sunday, December 14, 2008

Advice: Did I rub myself the wrong way?

I am 24 years old and have sex occasionally. However I do not get a full erection until I have been rubbed. I sometimes think it is the erection that makes me feel aroused and not the other way.

I had masturbated a lot before the first time I had sex a few years back. Is it because my penis has got used to the rubbing now and needs it?

Earlier I would masturbate on erection or I would get an erection very easily. However later the pleasure and hence masturbation became such an obsession that I would force an erection by rubbing it.

I am abstaining from that now, but do not know how much time it would take to get my penis to forget it needs to be rubbed.

Also I do not feel that lust I used to earlier. Can all this be because of a drop in testosterone level. Should I get it checked or something?

I think the fact that you are feeling less horny combined with the fact that you need more stimulation may point to a medical problem, so I do suggest you see your physician.

Other than that, nothing you've written concerns me. That you need direct stimulation to achieve erection isn't that unusual. And I do understand the obsession thing -- feeling like you have to jerk off even when you're not feeling that horny, but once you get it going...shazzam!

It's possible, but really unlikely you desensitized yourself with all the rubbing. But it's a simple fact, penises want to be rubbed. Your penis will not forget it wants to be rubbed, so go rub one off!


Tara Tartly said...

totally not about this post, al...i just want to say hello. hope december's treating you well.

xo, tara

Al Sensu said...

Good to hear from you, Tara! I've lost track of you since you went private. Send me a line....

Katie Schwartz said...

Excellent advice, Al. I dated a peeny rubber. He never jerked his weed whacker as much as he rubbed it, the head mostly.

Ms Smack said...

Oh Al, I'm so pleased you're doing these advice columns!