Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Advice: I Can't Come II

I really need your help. I'm not allowed to by sex toys and I just can't cum!!! I tried rubbing it really hard but I get scared and have to stop...by the way i am 18 ... PLEASE HELP! A toothbrush doesn't work either. I really want to cum! I don't have a boyfriend to help me and my parents hate sex by the way. help...

Rubbing it really hard probably isn't the best way to get there. I can tell you're frustrated, but you're going to need to be calm. And relaxed. And gentle with yourself.

First, go to a drugstore and buy a lubricant such as K-Y Warming Liquid. Choose a time when you have plenty of time and aren't worried about parentus interruptus.

Get warm and cozy and naked in your bed. Don't go right for it. Take some time to appreciate how your hands feel touching yourself all over your body. Lightly brush against your nipples. If that feels good, try pinching them a little, perhaps licking your fingers and touching them to your nipples.

As you begin to get excited then, use some of the lube and start rubbing around your clitoris. Touch yourself all over your genital area. If you like having your nipples stimulated keep one hand there and the other below.

Relax into your desire. Don't go fast. Don't go hard. At least not yet. Imagine a very desirable man is with you sucking your nipples, then licking your clit, and then entering you. Imagine him fucking you and you responding.

Let your instincts take over and hopefully you'll find success.

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