Friday, November 14, 2008

Advice: Yes You Can... Catch Something

Now that i am old enough i have been experimenting with lots of different things. One of the things i have just been trying is oral sex... and i must admit that i love it. About a month ago a friend took me to an adult theater. Oh my god! To make a long story short, i ending up sucking off 3 guys in the back of the theater and swallowing their sperm. Now i go every chance i get and always end up with several loads of sperm in my belly, i am addicted. Of course i am worried about what could happen. my question is: do i have to be worried about AIDS or other STDs? What is your advise ? thankyou.

The simple answer is that yes, you are at risk for acquiring HIV or certain other STDs. The odds of catching something are very low, but is it worth putting your health at serious risk for anonymous blow jobs?

Swallowing and spitting likely have the same amount of risk. Even if he pulls out, there's pre-cum. So the long and short of it (hehe) is: this isn't the riskiest behavior, but it's risky nonetheless.

There was a time when I was seeing two women who were both nurses, and they wouldn't put my dick in their mouths without a condom. I made sure to get some nice flavored ones.

I suggest you get a boyfriend who loves blow jobs and can come multiple times in a session. Have him tested, and if he checks out then go to the theater with him and have him pretend he's a few different guys. You'll get your kicks and he'll be very grateful.

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